Distance V
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Distance V





Acrylic on Canvas. Size:90x70cm (35.43×27.55in)

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„Paic has a background in architecture and printing; two disciplines in which angles, squares, and perpendicular lines are instrumental in the process of creation. This is reflected in Paic’s canvasses depicting contemporary urban landscape and buildings; the modernist, antiseptic, and sometimes brutal facades with which we are all familiar and which so many find dispiriting. But rather than make gauzy claims about their “hidden” beauty or underappreciated utility, Paic recreates them with perspective lines that seem to stretch into the unseeable distance, the horizon, the sky, or the earth beneath our feet. The effect is to humanize these most mechanistic, implacable structures in a beguilingly unconventional way. “Look”, she says, “follow the lines, for they lead to infinity, the singularity”. Paic offers up a tantalizing glimpse not of what an artist can make, but of what a viewer can make of it. The whole of the universe lies here; you just have to look hard enough.

Paic seems to be saying that what we think of as forms are really highways of the mind and what we think of as barriers are merely the limitations we impose upon ourselves and our individual imaginations.

Paic’s artwork is not a statement, but a journey. Rather like the characters in old movies, we sit on the stationary train carriage while she moves the scenery past the window. Yet, there is no destination printed on the ticket because the journey is the point, not arriving. Where we go, is left up to us.“ David J.K. Carr

The painting is signed on the back and ready to hang.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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